Day 1: Arrival and transfer to the hotel

Arrive at Kathmandu Airport and then transfer to the hotel

Day 2: A helicopter ride to Everest and Kathmandu city tour

Early morning helicopter ride to Everest Base camp and breakfast in the base camp

Helicopter in Everest Base Camp
Breakfast to Everest

After returning to Kathmandu, drive to Pashupatinath Temple. This is the Hindu temple where there is a temple complex and on the bank of the river in the same perimeter, there is located a crematory and it is not restricted for foreigners to see it from sight. In addition, non-Hindus are restricted to enter the main temple complex. Festivals that are celebrated in the vicinity are “teej” and “Shiva-Ratri”, where there will be visitors from India and Nepal in an outstanding number.

Temple complex of Pashupatinath


It used to be another medieval city-state within the valley. Patan was a trade capital of the valley where there were merchants who traveled across India and Tibet in the past settled. Similarly, it is a Newari settlement, that possesses a different family structure, way of living and is mostly oriented to the family business. Patan has its distinctiveness in terms of the arts and crafts, which can also be seen by the details in the wooden sculptures in the whole palace area, similarly, in the vicinity, there exist unique products such as statues, singing bowls, etc. whose origin was also in the same place. Some of the genuine crafted products are available within the same perimeter.

Sculpture inside Patan Museum.
Inside a square of Patan old palace
Full moon singing bowl
Avaloketshvara statue made of gold, silver, bronze alloys, found in Patan

Day 3: Kathmandu city tour with Boudhanath and monastery visit

Kathmandu has been the political capital of Kathmandu valley until 1769 A.D. It has an edifice structure similar to that of Patan. However, Kathmandu durbar square is surrounded by vibrant markets and narrow streets. This is a shopping destination for almost everybody living in Kathmandu. The walking tour lasts for about an hour.

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Temple complex of Kathmandu Durbar Square
Nepal - Monsoon Season - Kathmandu-44.jpg | Claudio Sieber
Busy street of Kathmandu Durbar Square Heritage route, the preferred mode of transport is “Rickshaw”

Later, drive to Bouddhanath Stupa, which is the region that has multiple monasteries nearby the main stupa. After having a meal on one of the rooftops of the stupa, walk around the stupa and meet a monk for 2 hours. The 2-hour session with the monk will include prayers, meditation, and understanding of the principles of Buddhism and finally, question and answer with the monk can be done at the same time.

History of Boudhanath, a World Heritage Site in Nepal. - Escape Himalaya
Boudhanath Stupa
Newari Art found in Boudhanath

Day 4: Fly to Chitwan for a jungle safari in a Helicopter

Fly to the tropical jungle of Chitwan in a chopper after breakfast and then drop into the resort there close to the jungle. The day in Chitwan mostly has leisure and then in the evening, go for elephant safari or a jeep drive.

Tharu tribal village

Day 6: Chitwan

Canoe, Jungle visit, crocodile center, elephant breeding center, river, etc. These programs are arranged by the resort. The wildlife that can be seen in this region are elephants, crocodiles, deer, boar, rhinos to the fierce tigers, and Snakes.

The day begins early in the morning after breakfast and then going on a canoe boat in the river for observing the crocodiles and birds in the trees of the Jungle. After landing, a short walk to the jungle to see the crocodile sanctuary and elephant breeding center. Then after lunch, rest for 2 hours and then a jeep safari or an elephant safari.

Canoe in the wild
Crocodile sunbasking
Rhino seen in the Jungle

Day 7: Return to Kathmandu early in the morning and evening dinner in the city

Return to Kathmandu and drive to the jungle close to the city for an off road either in a car or a motorbike depending upon the choice. The choice must be given a day before starting the tour. Head to Shivapuri-Nagarjun national park, in the hills surrounding Kathmandu Valley close to the city of Kathmandu.

Motorbike ride in the National park

Day 8: Departure

Depending upon the flight time, drop at the airport from Hotel.

Notes: Maximum 3 people in a group

Price: USD 20000

The price remains constant for the 3 people allowed in a single group but does not reduce when there are lesser people.

Other services: Astrological services are also included in the tour as Nepal is one of the hubs for astrological studies. The required data will be the time and date of birth with the place of being born. This includes the details of the past, present as well as future of the person, and questions can be asked to the prophet.


  • Type of vehicle used: Off road 4*4 in the city of Kathmandu
  • Breakfast, Lunch and dinner
  • Helicopter transport to Everest base camp and Khumbu glacier and Chitwan.
  • Motorcycles for hire
  • Spa, sauna and healing bowl therapy during the entire trip
  • Hotel Dwarikas in Kathmandu, Jungle Villa in Chitwan
  • None other additional costs during the entire trip for any extra visits within the route except on the mountains.


  • Shopping and tips
  • Travel insurances and international travel tickets