Before 2007 the country was the one and only Hindu monarchy in the world and thus it was the only major religion. However the country maintained religious harmony after the inception of organized settlement in the region. Post 2007, secularism was introduced in the constitution and since then all the religion are considered to be equal.

The followers of Hinduism is however significant with an approximate of 75% followed by Buddhism 10%, Christianity 6%, Islam 4% and the remaining minor religions and pagans 5%.


This religion follows polytheistic approach. The number of Gods is 33 million! This number can be of a huge surprise for the monolithic followers. Basically, the religion has 2 categories of followers. One category includes statue/philosophy worshippers and the other ones worship nature. That is the reason the religion also has sun god, god of rain, moon god, tree worshippers, etc. However, there exists trinity gods i.e. Brahma or the creator, Bishnu or the protector and Shiva the destroyer. Brahma temples are rarely found in the world. However, Bishnu and Shiva sect has a relatively large number of followers across the globe. This religion is also considered to be one of the oldest in the world. It began 3500 years in the lost civilization of Indus Valley located in the current Indian or Pakistani border. The civilization is believed to be wiped out of flood and only the ruins exists at the current date. In Kathmandu, one of the most important temple for Hindus is located, the temple of Pashupatinath, dedicated to shiva followers in Hinduism. Cremation ceremonies are also carried out in the temple perimeter.

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Temple complex of Pashupatinath


Gautam Buddha was the founder of this religion. Before that Hinduism was the only religion that used to be followed in the region of South asia.

There is a suffering and can be ended which could be practiced to achieve Nirvana.

Pilgrimage sites for buddhist followers in the world world.

Lumbini: birth place of Buddha located in the south of Nepal

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Lumbini, Nepal

Bodhagaya: where Buddha got enlightened in India

Tree of Buddha (Mahabodhi Temple) | Bodhi tree, Bodh gaya, Sacred places
Bodha Gaya

Sarnath: Located in India, where Buddha gave first lecture and shared knowledge most of the time during his lifetime

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Sarnath ruins

Kushinagar: where Buddha gave up his life

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Spread of Buddhism in the region

Until today Buddhist followers visit these above mentioned places as religious routes and enroute visit Kathmandu valley because of its unique importance.

Categories of Buddhism

Theravada/ Himayana– The major activity in ths is the Bipasyana practice which is a form of meditation. The dress code for the monks is yellowish brown or pinkish robe.

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Vajrayana– Mostly followed in Kathmandu which is a mixture of Hinduism, Buddhism and Tantrisim practice. All the Hindu and Buddhist temples are worshipped in common.

Nagar Mandap Sri Kirti Vihar
Kirti Gumba, Kirtipur, Kathmandu

There is a Golden Temple in Patan which belongs to the 12th century has been an edifice for practice of vajrayana Buddhism.

Hiranyavarna Mahavihar | Mahavihar in Kathmandu |
Golden Temple of Patan’s Statue

Mahayana– This is form of Buddhism is found to be practiced in Tibet and Nepal. The dress code is red robes. The principles was introduced by Guru Padma Samba who was born in Swat valley of Pakistan.

He meditated for 1 long years in a cave located in Pharping which lies to the few kilometers from the south of the Kathmandu valley of Nepal. And after he went to Tibet and the Buddhism was introduced by Songtsen Gampo, limiting the religion among aristocrats and within Potala palace walls and it spread by the contribution of later date emperors who ruled the region.

Shechen Monastery-2019[1] - The Wisdom Experience
A monastery in Boudhanath, Kathmandu